Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

     Today was just the most productive Friday and it's not even close to over yet! I made two wonderful batches of muffins! Banana Cinnamon with whole wheat flour! One batch with blueberries and the other with strawberries! Both delish! I also made a kick ass crock pot cheese dip for my sister. Yummy. Brewed up some pomegranate berry green tea and am now sitting down with a muffin and some tea to write this blog.

    Normally I am a huge home body. I like going out from time to time but honestly most of the time I'd much rather stay inside curled up on the couch with a good movie and a good book. =) Well tonight I'm doing both! Getting ready to go watch the baby sis kick some butt in their soccer season opener against a good team. Yikes! After a friend is coming over to watch Morning Glory and have some catch up/girl time. I'm also planning on doing some crafting during said time. It should be good. Then my boys are all having a gathering at a friends house and since I feel asleep on the couch during basketball last night and missed the St. Patty's Day party, I figure I should probably show. =)

     So much has happened lately and while I always feel like I am finally getting on track, I actually think I am this time. I have a semi decent job that is pretty steady for the summer, so hopefully can get caught up on the few bills I have. I am attempting to de-clutter my life. I don't want to stay in Kansas City and it's becoming more and more apparent to me lately that this change of scene needs to happen much sooner than later. So... I'm trying to figure out things I want to keep and things I need to get rid of. I have a TON of crafting supplies. I've accumulated it over the years and while I love crafting and probably always will, it seems a bit excessive to have so many tubs of it sitting in a storage unit. I obviously can live without it. Honestly, when I want to do a project I usually just go out and buy new materials specifically for that. So I've decided to do some crafting to use up all the supplies I have stored away. I'm planning on sticking it our booth at the flea market or giving it to friends and family as gifts, etc. Either way, I will be getting rid of it. And boy does it feel good!

    Normally I don't get quite the Spring bug but this year it is certainly hitting! I'm doing my spring cleaning and am itching to get out in the garden to start weeding and tilling! We shall see what the weather looks like tomorrow. Maybe I will knock some of that out this weekend! I can't wait to make the first salad with garden veggies!!! Have you been hit by the Spring bug yet?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

New is good!

A new beginning. A new adventure. A new blog. Makes sense to me. But for now, bed. Designing it was all I got done this evening.